It’s the little things



Frugal Friday it is. 

I was thinking about the phrase above, “it’s the little things” and how that can be used for alot of different situations in life.  Our passions, our finances, our relationships.  I look around here at Sage Manor and think of the little things that impact us.  Here are some little things that we don’t give priority to in our lives:

*HE Laundry Soap.  I make my own.

*Cable.  We use the library and Netflix (savings $34 a month)

*Clothing.  We are Environmentalists: we shop at the Goodwill and other Resell shops, or make our own, or do without.

*Heating: more clothes & digging out the blankets.  Basic hibernation skills kick in.

*Personal Hygiene: (stay with me here!!): My daughter and I use minimal cosmetics and nail stuff.  Actually I hardly use any at all.  My crazy hair does best air dried, my Love is allergic to nail polish….so none of that in the house, and we don’t prescribe to all the hype of different soaps, conditioners, and colours.

Here are some little things that DO get priority at Sage Manor:


*books: if it cannot be found at the library or used book store.

*Soup Night: it is a must to have friends over and be able to serve simple, delicious soup with homemade bread.  Most of the time this is a very little cost, sometimes more if wine is involved!!  But it is always, always worth it.

*Socks: sounds silly.  But my Beloved has had many bouts of frost bite from the military and he must have certain socks that protect and comfort his feet in the winter.  Here is a favorite brand.

*Shoes: our feet are important.  Mine: well, I can still find discounted shoes at Targets that makes me very happy.  My Love: oh my.  A $144 dollar bill this Valentines day weekend for his shoes.  Because of his super wide feet, “normal” shoes are impossible, so this is a “normal” twice a year cost.  Feet are important my friends!!

*Fun: Meaning like this past weekend when we went rock climbing.  Major expenses for our wee family, but so very worth the memories for the kids and the friend they were able to bring along.  Certain “fun” things are worth the cost in our book.  Think: State parks instead of Disney land for our family. (not that Disney land is wrong, it’s just not us).  Certain memories have a cost investment involved, and we are willing to adjust and plan for those fun times!

All this to say is that what is frugal to some families is way off base for others!!  Don’t fall into a silly guilt trap by trying to emulate other families and how they deal with their finances.  We all need certain little things in life for comfort. 

 Enjoy your little things!!  I am sure they are scrumptious!!

Peace & Love!



Hippie Radical

edit: My orginal post!  I found it!  I have no idea where it’s been?  But here it is!!

edit again:  If you start this series, Alan does say a few colourful words in the 1st class (2 words, a** and the *f* word once)…haven’t heard him say any others (we are on the 5th class).   Just a heads up to Mamas.


Ahhh….my roots run deep!!  I have this inner hippie running wild in me!!  I love being intellectually challenged, love to debate and dive into hard issues.  And being who I am, my kiddos are learning the fine art of being diplomatic.  In a respectable, politically correct sort of way.  Free thinkers.  Yes, indeed, that is what we have.  Although my religious views are solid, my kids have a ton of questions about so many different things.  Religion, Politics, Relationships, how to live and love and be in love with what they do in life.

Some of you know that a few years ago, my eldest daughter and I took off to a fabulous retreat at the Farm in Summertown, TN.  Wow!!  That experience has definately been one of my best.  Now my youngest (age 14) is offering to help drive when it’s her turn!!  I simply can’t wait to share that with her.  To meet the Midwives, put her hands in clay and create, eat food directly from the Earth, drum and dance and dream!!!  ahhh…….anyways all that to say that this Unschooling family has discovered through the Farm that Alan Graf has posted a ton of You Tube classes on his website.  This morning we listened to Class one of Radical Civics!!!  If you want to chat and open up your teens on a duldrum, dark, February day……..tune into Alan and start a lively debate with love!! 

We are taking a 20 minute break and then we will listen to the rest of the class.  Loving it!! 

Free thinking w/ kids!!


Hippie Unschooling thoughts

I forgot to mention.  Actually I posted this fabulous blog about it last Friday and our electricity flickered and *poof* it was gone!! 

Our homeschooling routine changes daily.  Daily, I say!!  I do not follow a book, a set curriculum, or even a calendar.  It’s a changing, swirling, thought of doing sort of teaching.  Hunting and gathering information.  Having a thought and asking, questioning and researching the answer until satisfaction enters. 

Many of you know that a few years ago, wow!  Maybe three? I took my oldest on a road trip to the Farm in Summertown, TN. to see the Midwives.  She wanted info on midwifery and the only way I could think to really cement the idea into her head is to go and show her.  So, roadtrip we went!!  I LOVE, LOVE the Farm!!  I would live there in a heartbeat.  It is sooooo ME.  It is NOT soooo my Beloved though!!  *smile* so we compromise!!  And now my youngest poppet (age 14) is asking about the Farm!!  woohoo!!  I told her maybe we could wait a year or so and she could help me drive there!

So, anyways all that to say this!  I have found a fabulous teaching online from a fellow Farm brother:  Alan Graf.  He gives an online Radical Civics class!!!  We LOVE it!!  It’s one of the things on the list To-Do today (among all the other stuff listed in the Daybook below!).  If you have an open mind, love to learn, or would even like to join in on a field trip with me and the kiddos: check out the Farm!!  I love learning about the land, the environment, making conscious choices and being a free-thinker!!!  So, we will be in front of the computer today finishing our Radical Civics class while the washer works!!

Peace & Love & Free thinking!!

Kelly & fa.

Simple Woman’s Daybook


FOR TODAY Monday, Feb. 16, 2009

Outside my window…Sun is shining brightly, the dog is in the window desperately wanting out!

I am thinking…about how incredibly sore I am from rock climbing yesterday!!  climbtime-side

I am thankful for…Fresh, organic carrot juice this morning!!  It always gives me the energy I need …. and I need to make this a daily habit.

From the learning rooms…reading, reading, and reading.  We MUST get caught up!!

From the kitchen…needing to go to the store today and pick up some more veggies.  I am wanting to eat raw today…..very healing and I think I need that after yesterday!! I have a grocery list from my favorite Raw website: the garden diet, so I’m ready to go!!

I am wearing…Yoga pants and yesterdays shirt.  Please call before you come over!! LOL!! 

I am creating…a clean sanctuary today.  I have my post-it notes (Flylady style) and going to be buzzing around the house alittle today!

I am going…to vacuum, dust, mop, polish mirrors & doors, purge magazines, change sheets, and empty all trash……..whew!!

I am reading… a health book from Bragg Organic apple cider vinegar, very interesting!

I am hoping…for my Mama to get out of the hospital soon, an early Spring, and continued blessings and favor!

I am hearing…the tv click on!

Around the house… all the cleaning and skittering about, the hum of the tape player tonight….we are listening to a Harry Potter book!!  Fun winter time activity instead of the tv being on!

One of my favorite things… my new Japanese tea set from my Love on Valentines day!!  We went to Teavana!!  Wonderful day!!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Bowling on Wednesday, gym on Friday, maybe a violin lesson…..other than that, I am hoping on a calm week.  A calm week!!


All other great Mama Daybooks can be found at Peggy’s website!  Check it out….we are all so very interesting!!

Shalom!  Peace & Love!!  ….Kelly & fa.


Laundry outside!

It’s Saturday, which means it’s slow going here at Sage Manor.  The weekends are for catching up on movies and being with Daddy, baking & lounging & visiting friends.  The temperature outside is a balmy 50 degrees!!!  I am just singing Praises!!  I hear birds!!  I see sunshine!!

On January 1st we ran out of laundry HE soap.  I made some and it is working out just fine!!  The cost was so very minimal, and I have filled my Tide jug up twice with my 5 gallon bucket still have full!  What a blessing!  One homemaking item that I want to focus on is out electric usage.  Which means Laundry is on the line today!!  I couldn’t resist letting God’s beautiful wind dry our clothing today!  This is small, but I know that it is the little things that add up and matter.  They really do!!  Don’t get discouraged!  Taking care of a home is a full time job! 

Are you simplifing?  Do the small things. Being faithful in the small things lets God add more blessings to us!  Have a wonderful weekend!!  We are off for a family walk around a nearby river, and a 4H Fish fry for dinner!!  *Good things!




Picture can be bought here

Simple Woman’s Daybook



It’s Monday!!  eeks!!  The time has flown today because we are on a schedule!  *gasp*  This is not normal I must say.  But I am noticing that we are all staying quite busy and getting alot done.  I have being humming gospel songs all day and it’s funny because I’ll go into the other room and here my son humming where I left off!!  God is good!!

For Today…

Outside my window… a plowed driveway!  Blessings to my dear neighbors that shoveled us out!!

I am thinking…about today’s sermon from Creflo Dollar.

From the learning rooms… Library visit, Japanese & German lessons, and questions!!  *which just invite more and more learning!

I am thankful for… That I serve a God that hears me, that comforts me, that points me in the right direction, that doesn’t just leave me.  He gives me grace and hope!

From the kitchen… Homemade peanut butter cookies made by my daughter for our neighbors and Pizza for tonight!

I am wearing… Xmas long skirt, tights, layers upon layers of shirts, socks & shoes (it’s still cold!!)

I am reading…  “Living Spaces” bringing Style and Spirit to your Home by Marlee Ledai.  Lovely book!  Highly recommended!!

I am hoping… for the warmth of Spring!!

I am creating… Valentine day crafts!

I am hearing… the little sweeper run by my daughter doing detail sweeping in the front room.

Around the house…the wind is blowing, the sun is shining, and I see grass!!  woohoo!!!

One of my favorite things… Having dinner ready by the time my Beloved comes home.  I just feel more in control when things are organized and cleaned up so we can enjoy his company!

A few plans for the rest of the week…out with a friend tomorrow, Wednesday off to see my Mama and a Bible study, Thursday: home sweet home, and Friday the kiddos have homeschool gym class!

Whew!  I hope everyone has a blessed week!!  Take some time to lay at His feet, it’s well worth it!!



*to see what other fabulous women are doing, join Peggy at The Simple Woman’s Daybook!!

Info on Mormonism

I will maybe soon post my own departure from the Mormon church.  Until then, anyone interested in Mormonism/Christianity/Witnessing to them, please go to

Living Hope Ministries

They helped me immensely understand how I fell into this denomination and how to get out.

Be Blessed!!  Dive into the Word!  Lay daily at His feet, in His Word….talk to Him, pray to Him, tell Him your worries & your loves.  He is just and will not turn His face from His children.



A Pondering Hearts giveaway!!



I have spent HOURS on Miss Jocelyn’s site…….love it!!  Love it!!  She offers so much info, it takes hours to look at all the lovely things!!  The giveaway is incredible, check it out yourself!!


In Joy!

My Torah Class

Some of you have noticed under the who I am section that I have a yearning for the Torah.  I feel like God is giving me meat lately, digging in, really looking at His Words and how they intertwine throughout. 

This is the website that I have been learning from if anyone ever has an interest.  He goes line by line, which I love.  The kiddos are listening in with me.

Go under studies, then Torah class…..the site has a ton of info on it.  You’ll be there awhile!



Simple Woman’s Daybook



Outside my window…chilly snow, with the sun trying to peek out!

I am thinking…that Monday’s are so lazy for our family, that I must/should/or really who cares? change that!

I am thankful for…My husband’s dedication to work to support our family, and that he is the only one able to awaken at 4am!

From the learning rooms…Yes, we will get to schooling today!!  Reading, Math, Music, and Language!! 

From the kitchen…making burgers today!  My sweeties favorite!  Also, granola must be made.

I am wearing…layers!  Again!  Long skirt, a couple of shirts, and thermals

I am creating…I think I will do a bit of a “dream board” today, start thinking of who I am/ the life I want to live.

I am the library!  And drop things at the Post, although I think they are closed today (MLK day!)

I am reading…”Patient Heal Thyself” by Jordan S. Rubin.  A book recommeded to me by a girlfriend who knows how much my sweetie can’t handle anything wheat.

I am hoping…for a smooth, active, satisfing day.  Expecting good things!

I am hearing…the TV!!  LOL…Victor just awoke, late for him…he is trying to shake the sleepy bugs off while eating cereal (yeah, I know!!  Plans for hot breakfasts for the rest of the week!!)  And Tank (the pup) is snooring!!  Too cute!

Around the house…picking up, getting rid of.  Wanting to reduce this month!!  I hate clutter!  Moving our bedroom around and evicting the dust bunnies!

One of my favorite things…hot coffee and how my hair is feeling after a hot coconut oil soak all night two days ago!!  My hair feels wonderful!  Sweetie said I smelled like a Pina Colada!!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Violin lesson Tuesday, field trip Thurday to a very cool science thing, trip to town Friday to see my Mama.


Be sure to tell us about your simple day at: The Simple Woman’s Daybook!


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