Remaining calm in chaos

So you’ve probably guessed already that this particular post is all about me!  *smile*  It amazes me that I am able to be reassuring to everyone around me and then have minor stress attacks about packing up and moving my family.

So, although maybe not too frugal, here goes my list of calmness hints:

*talk about it.

*when someone asks if they can help, say YES.  I’ve already employed my girlfriends to find me a painter, a kitchen floor layer, and a constant supply of veno.

*step away.  I have a few rooms in the house that are “real estate ready”, and that is where I retreat when I need a breather.

*get some videos to chill out with, even at 20 minutes at a time…it relaxs the mind and slows the spinning of the list making that is happening.

*get some lovin’.  Absolutely necessary!  Don’t forget basic human needs….sheets, candles, and your sweetie to bed early.  Even if you don’t feel like it.  It’s a fabulous stress reliever!!  Ask the doctors if you don’t believe me.

*Use your cleaners, use what you have.  Try not to buy anything else.  Those boxes can get heavy.  Ask my sister in law!!

*Use music.  Hum.  Sing.  Music invites the Spirit.  And anyone in chaos needs the Spirit hanging out!

*Keep the kiddos on the regularly scheduled program…..keep them doing what they normally do.  They get wicked stressed too.  And then they get grumpy!!

*Use your pantry.  Use your food storage.  Use your pizza coupons!!

This is all so basic.  But I think it’s really easy to forget these basic human traits/reactions that happen when one goes through stress.  Stress makes us grumpy, look old, and quite frankly, no one can stand to be around us!!  Here are some way cool sites that I frequent.  Enjoy!  And no matter what you are going through, whether moving, job stress, kid nuttiness, spouse tension, remain calm.  “Be Still, and know…..” (Ps.46:10)

Quick treats to remind us that we are human.  Then we must step away and get busy!!

My Home On the Web

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Info on Mormonism

I will maybe soon post my own departure from the Mormon church.  Until then, anyone interested in Mormonism/Christianity/Witnessing to them, please go to

Living Hope Ministries

They helped me immensely understand how I fell into this denomination and how to get out.

Be Blessed!!  Dive into the Word!  Lay daily at His feet, in His Word….talk to Him, pray to Him, tell Him your worries & your loves.  He is just and will not turn His face from His children.



Frugal Wintertime



Today is Friday, and it’s time to gather all you thinkers and wise Mamas who make a difference.  My ONLY focus right now is how to keep this old farm house in freezing cold rural Indiana warm & safe for my husband & kiddos (who thankfully aren’t wee ones).  Here are some tips that I have used this winter so far:

*Stay in.  I know, obvious.  But this is NOT the time to go traveling just for the “cabin fever” crazies.  Who wants to get stuck in 10 below weather??  And if you must, if you have one, bring along those cell phones!

*Stay busy.  Make a dream board. Sew. Bake a new recipe.  Pop popcorn and watch that movie.  Write, do, move.  Oh, and for those Mamas who tend to get a little bit down during the darkness….MOVE!!  Set those timers, and move for 20 minutes!!  I have a wonderful walking dvd from Leslie Sansone, which I highly recommend……the kids join me, because their health is important too.  And it warms you up!!  Think summer!!

*All Blankets out.  My couches are hardly recognizable.

*Quilts, tape & plastic.  Most of my windows are covered.  Farm stores (and others) sell wonderful plastic stuff for the windows that you use a hair dryer on, and you can see right through the stuff.

*Boil water.  Adding moisture to air  makes it warmer.  The moisture holds the heat in.  In that water you can throw some cloves and cinnamon too, and awaken your senses!!

*Don’t forget your animals.  They CANNOT stay outside in this without proper protection from wind, wet & cold.

*Close off rooms and vents that you are not using. 

*Close off doors to the house that you aren’t using.  We are now using the back entrance to the house.  We are living in 4 rooms only (half of the house, the kids’ rooms are upstairs, which they are not in right now).  It’s “camping” and fun, and we will survive.

*Keep ceiling fans ON.  They circulate the heat baby!!

*Put on more clothes.  really. An extra pair of socks can make a world of a difference.

Here are some of my favorite links on frugal/voluntarily simple lives that give me inspiration to just live simply!!

The Simple Living Network: tons of articles of interest

Backwoods Home: Love this site!

Stress Less Country:  Lots to dig through on this one, worth the time!

All of these things bless our family & my husband.  He knows that I watch out for our household. 

Proverbs 31:27  She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.

I will do anything possible to keep him from having to work overtime or worry while he is gone!!  Check out more wonderful ideas at Biblical Womanhood.

In Joy!