Remaining calm in chaos

So you’ve probably guessed already that this particular post is all about me!  *smile*  It amazes me that I am able to be reassuring to everyone around me and then have minor stress attacks about packing up and moving my family.

So, although maybe not too frugal, here goes my list of calmness hints:

*talk about it.

*when someone asks if they can help, say YES.  I’ve already employed my girlfriends to find me a painter, a kitchen floor layer, and a constant supply of veno.

*step away.  I have a few rooms in the house that are “real estate ready”, and that is where I retreat when I need a breather.

*get some videos to chill out with, even at 20 minutes at a time…it relaxs the mind and slows the spinning of the list making that is happening.

*get some lovin’.  Absolutely necessary!  Don’t forget basic human needs….sheets, candles, and your sweetie to bed early.  Even if you don’t feel like it.  It’s a fabulous stress reliever!!  Ask the doctors if you don’t believe me.

*Use your cleaners, use what you have.  Try not to buy anything else.  Those boxes can get heavy.  Ask my sister in law!!

*Use music.  Hum.  Sing.  Music invites the Spirit.  And anyone in chaos needs the Spirit hanging out!

*Keep the kiddos on the regularly scheduled program…..keep them doing what they normally do.  They get wicked stressed too.  And then they get grumpy!!

*Use your pantry.  Use your food storage.  Use your pizza coupons!!

This is all so basic.  But I think it’s really easy to forget these basic human traits/reactions that happen when one goes through stress.  Stress makes us grumpy, look old, and quite frankly, no one can stand to be around us!!  Here are some way cool sites that I frequent.  Enjoy!  And no matter what you are going through, whether moving, job stress, kid nuttiness, spouse tension, remain calm.  “Be Still, and know…..” (Ps.46:10)

Quick treats to remind us that we are human.  Then we must step away and get busy!!

My Home On the Web

Shameless advertising once again!!




the Sell

houseOur Home.

Sanctuary from the world’s woes, with all it’s funny little flaws, beautiful woodwork, and lead windows is going on the market next week.

This week has been filled with preparations for my Love to go to Ohio for his new position, packing and sorting and loads of prayer, meditation and yoga!  Brief panic attacks sneak in on a daily basis, although they are getting shorter and less powerful.  So that’s good. 

One day after my sweetie signed the contact, the next day we were offered and given over 100 boxes from an incredible family in Michigan.  What a huge blessing!

So…..if your interested in a rural area close to major cities in Indiana, please let me know!! *shameless selling technique*

Promise I’ll try to get better at this picture/blog thing.  Off to start a new box!!  Expecting good, wonderful things today!!  You do the same!!



50 Things


Friday has surprised me.  I honestly had no idea it was this late in the week!  Do days ever sneaky, sneak on you?  Change is in the air here at Sage Manor with the possibility of a move.  I am not in “panic mode” yet, and am trying to hang on and not even go there…..I do believe if this door is open, God will bless someone with our lovely home so I am not without my Sweetie for too long!  Belief!!

With that, we have been advanced Spring Cleaning here!  Everything is being looked at, which reminds me of things that us Mamas do in order to save, and to stretch what we already have.  So here are 50 things that is saving us, our sanity, and hopefully our carbon footprint!

1.  Know what you have.

2.  Look at your money in the bank, daily.

3.  If you no longer love it, don’t like to dust it, bless it to someone else!  It doesn’t matter WHO gave it to you!

4.  Buy in bulk if you can.  One little step a week to build up your pantry.

5.  Use the library.  Use the “inter-library” option too.  Don’t willingly give full price for a book.  Barter, borrow and beg for a book if you have to!

6.  Make sure the freezer is full!  Put in empty milk gallons filled with water (smart!) to fill up the room so the freezer doesn’t have to work as hard.

7.  Use insulted curtains (mine are fleece blankets, it’s still winter here!) in the kitchen (or anywhere) to keep it warm.

8.  Keep food items off the counters…uninvited buggies and kitties are notorious for snitching in the middle of the night!

9.  I keep rugs down in the winter for warm toes.  Which helps with the heating bill too.

10.  Eat by candlelight.

11.  Learn to make good homemade family bread…without electricity (my beloved Bosch!!), mixing that is. 

12.  Or if you are lucky enough to have a wood stove, learn to use it for your cooking too!

13.  Grow herbs in the summer to have on hand in the winter, just in case.

14.  Have a good herbal book in the home that tells you what to do!

15.  Know how to make simple homemade cleaners…..try it for a month, you may get hooked!

16.  Know the importance of NOT using anti-bacterial everything!

17.  Keep your important papers (birth cert., ss cards, passports, titles) in a Non-burnable “safe” somewhere close so you can grab it.

18.  Know where your important financial papers are.  Can you make a copy and put those in the box too?  How about pass words?…Account numbers?

19.  Have a goal with your pantry.  Have one day of food on hand, then a week, then a month, then 3 months, then 6, 9, and a years worth.  Believe me, there is some sort of security knowing that you won’t be stressed out because of a lack of food.

20.  Only put in your pantry things that your family will eat.

21.  Rotate that food, use it and replace.

22.  Make an apron.

23.  Wear it.

24.  Learn to knit, crochet, sew a button, etc….these are skills that we are losing and must be broght back.

25.  Have a outside laundry line if you can.  If not, have a makeshift one in the basement or somewhere else.

26.  Use that too!

27.  Find fun things that your family like to do that doesn’t cost money (games, listening to a story on tape, hiking, looking at photos)

28.  Our domestic, inside pets will not die from eating good human food (chicken in broth, kale, tuna, apples!) In fact they like it.  Worst case senerio, you can continue to feed them too.

29.  Buy a couple of chickens.  Add safety, feed, fresh water & sunshine.

30.  Eat organic eggs!

31.  Have a “product” or “book” or “clothing” exchange with your girlfriends.  And chocolate and coffee and you have an Eco-Party!!  woohoo!!

32.  Know your neighbors.

33.  Love them, and do things for them.  They will do the same.

34.  Change your heat filter, once a month in the winter.  Your nose and heating bill will thank you!

35. Buy local.  Know a honey source, know a milk source, know a beef source.  Add these people into your life and bless each other.

36.  Wear used / recycled clothing.  It doesn’t kill a soul!

37.  Plant trees.  Fruit trees…..pines, anything!!  Just plant!

38.  Pick up the trash in your yard.  Need I say more?

39.  Use good oil if you can.  I know it’s a luxury, but the health benefits are well worth the couple of extra dollars and a doctor visit.

40.  If you can’t pronounce what the ingrediants are:  DON”T EAT IT!

41.  Same for the stuff that we put on our skin.

42.  Paint, colour, sew, create.  Let your kids in on that to, or someone else’s kids…….teach them what you know.  It’s so important.

43.  Worship.  How ever you want and be grateful for all you have.

44.  Dust & clean so you don’t have to take allergy meds! (reminder to ME!!)

45.  Let your kids get dirty instead of buying the newest gadget on the market.

46.  Know where you are spending your money.  Do you like that company?  Are they ethical in their treatment of people?  (will post my Anti-Walmarts article soon!!)

47.  Recycle.  Try. 

48.  Use cloth napkins or those crazy Shamwows on everything!

49.  Know who you are.

50.  Love all and yourself.  Never give up on your dreams!


Little things add up.   Know matter where you are in the frugal/ eco-friendly/ homesteading lifestyle don’t give up.  Those things make a difference, save money, encourage others and strenthen your own skills if you are placed in a difficult situation (like a lay-off).  More fab ideas…check out Jessica at LifeasMom

Be blessed this weekend!! 



Laundry outside!

It’s Saturday, which means it’s slow going here at Sage Manor.  The weekends are for catching up on movies and being with Daddy, baking & lounging & visiting friends.  The temperature outside is a balmy 50 degrees!!!  I am just singing Praises!!  I hear birds!!  I see sunshine!!

On January 1st we ran out of laundry HE soap.  I made some and it is working out just fine!!  The cost was so very minimal, and I have filled my Tide jug up twice with my 5 gallon bucket still have full!  What a blessing!  One homemaking item that I want to focus on is out electric usage.  Which means Laundry is on the line today!!  I couldn’t resist letting God’s beautiful wind dry our clothing today!  This is small, but I know that it is the little things that add up and matter.  They really do!!  Don’t get discouraged!  Taking care of a home is a full time job! 

Are you simplifing?  Do the small things. Being faithful in the small things lets God add more blessings to us!  Have a wonderful weekend!!  We are off for a family walk around a nearby river, and a 4H Fish fry for dinner!!  *Good things!




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