Has it been this long?


frozen.  Absolutely frigid here again.  Can’t believe it.

Possibility of a move.  Change is good!!  Actually looking forward to it, we’ll see if Sage Manor will be up for sale soon!

Still in robe.  Did I mention the cold?  I honestly can’t seem to move!  And it’s 9am, kiddos are still snuggled safely in bed with heaters on their bodies; I can’t blame them one bit!!

Unschooling thoughts: if we were to move, this may be difficult.  But it’s not the first time that we’ve been “under-ground”!!  I have activist blood I am sure.

Must do something with the 2 bushels of apples awaiting me…..pies, cobblers, sauce, butter……equals = warmth!!!

Spring Equinox, please, please hurry!!




Hippie Radical

edit: My orginal post!  I found it!  I have no idea where it’s been?  But here it is!!

edit again:  If you start this series, Alan does say a few colourful words in the 1st class (2 words, a** and the *f* word once)…haven’t heard him say any others (we are on the 5th class).   Just a heads up to Mamas.


Ahhh….my roots run deep!!  I have this inner hippie running wild in me!!  I love being intellectually challenged, love to debate and dive into hard issues.  And being who I am, my kiddos are learning the fine art of being diplomatic.  In a respectable, politically correct sort of way.  Free thinkers.  Yes, indeed, that is what we have.  Although my religious views are solid, my kids have a ton of questions about so many different things.  Religion, Politics, Relationships, how to live and love and be in love with what they do in life.

Some of you know that a few years ago, my eldest daughter and I took off to a fabulous retreat at the Farm in Summertown, TN.  Wow!!  That experience has definately been one of my best.  Now my youngest (age 14) is offering to help drive when it’s her turn!!  I simply can’t wait to share that with her.  To meet the Midwives, put her hands in clay and create, eat food directly from the Earth, drum and dance and dream!!!  ahhh…….anyways all that to say that this Unschooling family has discovered through the Farm that Alan Graf has posted a ton of You Tube classes on his website.  This morning we listened to Class one of Radical Civics!!!  If you want to chat and open up your teens on a duldrum, dark, February day……..tune into Alan and start a lively debate with love!! 

We are taking a 20 minute break and then we will listen to the rest of the class.  Loving it!! 

Free thinking w/ kids!!


Simple Woman’s Daybook



Outside my window…chilly snow, with the sun trying to peek out!

I am thinking…that Monday’s are so lazy for our family, that I must/should/or really who cares? change that!

I am thankful for…My husband’s dedication to work to support our family, and that he is the only one able to awaken at 4am!

From the learning rooms…Yes, we will get to schooling today!!  Reading, Math, Music, and Language!! 

From the kitchen…making burgers today!  My sweeties favorite!  Also, granola must be made.

I am wearing…layers!  Again!  Long skirt, a couple of shirts, and thermals

I am creating…I think I will do a bit of a “dream board” today, start thinking of who I am/ the life I want to live.

I am going...to the library!  And drop things at the Post, although I think they are closed today (MLK day!)

I am reading…”Patient Heal Thyself” by Jordan S. Rubin.  A book recommeded to me by a girlfriend who knows how much my sweetie can’t handle anything wheat.

I am hoping…for a smooth, active, satisfing day.  Expecting good things!

I am hearing…the TV!!  LOL…Victor just awoke, late for him…he is trying to shake the sleepy bugs off while eating cereal (yeah, I know!!  Plans for hot breakfasts for the rest of the week!!)  And Tank (the pup) is snooring!!  Too cute!

Around the house…picking up, getting rid of.  Wanting to reduce this month!!  I hate clutter!  Moving our bedroom around and evicting the dust bunnies!

One of my favorite things…hot coffee and how my hair is feeling after a hot coconut oil soak all night two days ago!!  My hair feels wonderful!  Sweetie said I smelled like a Pina Colada!!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Violin lesson Tuesday, field trip Thurday to a very cool science thing, trip to town Friday to see my Mama.


Be sure to tell us about your simple day at: The Simple Woman’s Daybook!


Frugal Wintertime



Today is Friday, and it’s time to gather all you thinkers and wise Mamas who make a difference.  My ONLY focus right now is how to keep this old farm house in freezing cold rural Indiana warm & safe for my husband & kiddos (who thankfully aren’t wee ones).  Here are some tips that I have used this winter so far:

*Stay in.  I know, obvious.  But this is NOT the time to go traveling just for the “cabin fever” crazies.  Who wants to get stuck in 10 below weather??  And if you must, if you have one, bring along those cell phones!

*Stay busy.  Make a dream board. Sew. Bake a new recipe.  Pop popcorn and watch that movie.  Write, do, move.  Oh, and for those Mamas who tend to get a little bit down during the darkness….MOVE!!  Set those timers, and move for 20 minutes!!  I have a wonderful walking dvd from Leslie Sansone, which I highly recommend……the kids join me, because their health is important too.  And it warms you up!!  Think summer!!

*All Blankets out.  My couches are hardly recognizable.

*Quilts, tape & plastic.  Most of my windows are covered.  Farm stores (and others) sell wonderful plastic stuff for the windows that you use a hair dryer on, and you can see right through the stuff.

*Boil water.  Adding moisture to air  makes it warmer.  The moisture holds the heat in.  In that water you can throw some cloves and cinnamon too, and awaken your senses!!

*Don’t forget your animals.  They CANNOT stay outside in this without proper protection from wind, wet & cold.

*Close off rooms and vents that you are not using. 

*Close off doors to the house that you aren’t using.  We are now using the back entrance to the house.  We are living in 4 rooms only (half of the house, the kids’ rooms are upstairs, which they are not in right now).  It’s “camping” and fun, and we will survive.

*Keep ceiling fans ON.  They circulate the heat baby!!

*Put on more clothes.  really. An extra pair of socks can make a world of a difference.

Here are some of my favorite links on frugal/voluntarily simple lives that give me inspiration to just live simply!!

The Simple Living Network: tons of articles of interest

Backwoods Home: Love this site!

Stress Less Country:  Lots to dig through on this one, worth the time!

All of these things bless our family & my husband.  He knows that I watch out for our household. 

Proverbs 31:27  She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.

I will do anything possible to keep him from having to work overtime or worry while he is gone!!  Check out more wonderful ideas at Biblical Womanhood.

In Joy!


Every Deed


                           With every deed you are sowing a seed
                              Though the harvest you may not see
                                                – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

This wonderful thought was sent to me this morning by Jinjee from the Garden Diet.  For about a year now I’ve been very interested in a Raw diet.  And slowly…….SLOWLY, been adding in different fruits/veggies, replacing a meal here, a meal there……snacks are raw.  I love it!!  I very much feel better when I eat better (duh!!)  Jinjee’s website is very recommended if you are looking for info about Raw foods and living softly!

every deed………..wow! what a thought for the morning before coffee!!

In Joy!


Update on “Noise”

Yesterday a few of you noticed that we decided to have a “Electronic free” afternoon. Well, two hours into it, we caved! LOL…..I gave us all 30 minutes worth of whatever noise they wanted, then it was off till Daddy came home. He made his famous homemade popcorn and requested “the Incredibles” which is his favorite movie!! Such a kid at heart. How could I not let my husband watch his favorite movie?? We did play two rounds of my favorite board game, “Sequence”.

I think as HS Mama’s we can let the “noise” into our homes easier than others. We have the time, we want them to see it all and not miss anything, we think that maybe they “need” the noise for some reason for some sort of teaching experience. Well, at least I used to think that.

Teaching the art of quietness is a good thing for children of any age. We need to quiet our minds, and emotions in order to hear the Holy Spirit chatting to us….whispering to us. I don’t want to miss that; and in this day and age I believe it is an important skill.

A Simple Day




Outside my window
…alot of my windows are frosted over (they are old!)  I do know by taking the pup out that it is extremely cold today…there is a dusting of snow and more to come!

I am thinking…about ways to keep my home warm and all of us comfortable this week.  It really is a worry that I just need to believe in the goodness of God.

I am thankful for…my husband’s job and my ability to stay home and school the kiddos and make our home a wonderful sanctuary for him.

From the kitchen…homemade cookies & hot tea provided all day long today!

I am wearing…lots and lots of layers, with lots of colour!

I am creating…silly crocheted kitty toys filled with organic catnip!

I am going…nowhere!!  My car is still in the shop!!

I am reading…Pride and Prejudice

I am hoping…for the promise of spring!

I am hearing…the kitty eating  and  Quietness.

Around the house…”school”, reading, a new Bible study, journal work, and a little dusting must be done.  Today at noon, all electronics are off for the rest of the day!!

One of my favorite things…my morning kiss from my Sweetie.  

A few plans for the rest of the week: Not much.  Hope to gather some friends for a soup night on Saturday.  We will see.  The weather is really going to stop alot of things this week I am afraid.  No worries though: we have plently of books!!

*I’ll share a photo soon!  I have to find the software!!*


Monday’s are the day to share your wonderful week & Daybook with the rest of us Mama’s!!  Here is the link to participate!http://thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com/

Have a scrumptious day!!!  xoxo Kelly

Living in the Cold

Indiana is cold this time of year. News flash: I know. But really, as I dig through the book, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” I wonder if anyone/ Covey followers actually live & be happy in a place that is so bloody cold. So being “Proactive” (1st Habit) I am making a list exactly WHY we live here.

 Oh, and by the way, welcome to our journey. It’s an interesting lot, ever changing, loads of ideas, and if I ever get anyone that actually follows (beside my dear SIL) our life…you’ll soon realize that you’ll lose me during the summer to the sands of any beach nearby.

Living in the Cold reasons:
*reasonable living economy
*room for chickens and run away puppy
*Bonfires and Nerf gun fights are high on the list.
*No neighbors.
*No “little boxes on the hillside” communities.
*Sunning in the nude is optional (they really can’t see me!)
*Chanting, worshiping, drumming is an everyday occurance.
*Trees: 20 last Spring, 20 up and coming in 2009.

That’s it. Unless my Beloved gets on the horn and makes the first jump to a different J-O-B and a different, warmer location; I must buy MORE SOCKS.

Welcome to my world. Grab a mug of hot anything, and extra blankies….you’ll need it!