Sage Manor

Welcome to Sage Manor; the name of our home in Rural Indiana.   And as of March 30th it’s on the market!!!  Please pray for a quick transaction/buyer for our lovely home so we can be with our Beloved in Ohio soon!!

An interesting place to live, raise kiddos, and dream.  2009 is going to be a busy time.  A time of planting, cultivating, stretching into Yoga poses with friends, bon-fires, Community Soup Nights, Womyn Drumming groups, Spirit moving & shaking! , hat-making, bread-baking and plenty of Activist work that I am very passionate about.  Thoughts of diving into the Torah and His Word.  I am in LOVE!  And learning, daily of His love for me!!

This is a basic online look at my life/ thoughts/ and passions. 

It’s scary to be completely honest.  I mean, relatives and local friends are reading!!  But I am honest.  And hopefully family &  friends will appreciate my “out-of-the-box” living and thoughts.

Oh, and it is my blog.  I get to censor (just like the government) your comments.  Either I’ll let them through, or I won’t.  Pretty simple.

Peace & Love


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