Remaining calm in chaos

So you’ve probably guessed already that this particular post is all about me!  *smile*  It amazes me that I am able to be reassuring to everyone around me and then have minor stress attacks about packing up and moving my family.

So, although maybe not too frugal, here goes my list of calmness hints:

*talk about it.

*when someone asks if they can help, say YES.  I’ve already employed my girlfriends to find me a painter, a kitchen floor layer, and a constant supply of veno.

*step away.  I have a few rooms in the house that are “real estate ready”, and that is where I retreat when I need a breather.

*get some videos to chill out with, even at 20 minutes at a time…it relaxs the mind and slows the spinning of the list making that is happening.

*get some lovin’.  Absolutely necessary!  Don’t forget basic human needs….sheets, candles, and your sweetie to bed early.  Even if you don’t feel like it.  It’s a fabulous stress reliever!!  Ask the doctors if you don’t believe me.

*Use your cleaners, use what you have.  Try not to buy anything else.  Those boxes can get heavy.  Ask my sister in law!!

*Use music.  Hum.  Sing.  Music invites the Spirit.  And anyone in chaos needs the Spirit hanging out!

*Keep the kiddos on the regularly scheduled program…..keep them doing what they normally do.  They get wicked stressed too.  And then they get grumpy!!

*Use your pantry.  Use your food storage.  Use your pizza coupons!!

This is all so basic.  But I think it’s really easy to forget these basic human traits/reactions that happen when one goes through stress.  Stress makes us grumpy, look old, and quite frankly, no one can stand to be around us!!  Here are some way cool sites that I frequent.  Enjoy!  And no matter what you are going through, whether moving, job stress, kid nuttiness, spouse tension, remain calm.  “Be Still, and know…..” (Ps.46:10)

Quick treats to remind us that we are human.  Then we must step away and get busy!!

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