Out of the box: red flag churches?

So, people who know me, know I am out of the box.  Meaning, I’m open to alot of different beliefs, different ways of living, loving, and worshipping.  Now, having said that, please be gentle with your comments.  God is important to me, it is why I am here.  I may go to a different church than you, may worship differently but doesn’t mean I am not a child of His.  I am, and am totally assured of that.

I focus in sometimes on the current “trend” in religion.  (Truthspeaker’s spits it out loud and clear) Lately that has freaked me out so much that I want to crawl into a box!!    I have been digging into these articles, doing cross searches, Bible referencing and fact checking.  Very interesting folks.  And for one who tends to be a bit open to alot, some of this scares me.  Being raised Southern Baptist, getting out of the Mormon cult after 10 years, and loving the Pentecostal movement (from afar), and very much a hippie earth lover at heart……well, I’m well rounded I suppose.  But weary.

Who is this Rick Joyner, what is this IHOP church???……wow!!  These “churches” are making an impact folks.  They are rocking and shaking some folks…..Even this little rural country girl is noticing red-flags in the blogging world.  Is this what Jesus intended?  Is this really how it is?  Is it really what the Bible says?? (there is the kicker!)

Without being judgemental: my thoughts are to stay away (thought to self: isn’t that judgemental?) , bury my face in the Word, lay at His feet, worship Him the way I know how…..not how someone else tells me too….and Love Him & be very, very quiet, so I can hear.




1 Comment

  1. lylah ledner said,

    February 23, 2009 at 1:09 am

    Hi there Kelly….great post! I too, watch the “church” with great caution/concern these days…

    but, on another note…thanks for stopping by the Lylah blog and leaving your sweet comment!


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