It’s the little things



Frugal Friday it is. 

I was thinking about the phrase above, “it’s the little things” and how that can be used for alot of different situations in life.  Our passions, our finances, our relationships.  I look around here at Sage Manor and think of the little things that impact us.  Here are some little things that we don’t give priority to in our lives:

*HE Laundry Soap.  I make my own.

*Cable.  We use the library and Netflix (savings $34 a month)

*Clothing.  We are Environmentalists: we shop at the Goodwill and other Resell shops, or make our own, or do without.

*Heating: more clothes & digging out the blankets.  Basic hibernation skills kick in.

*Personal Hygiene: (stay with me here!!): My daughter and I use minimal cosmetics and nail stuff.  Actually I hardly use any at all.  My crazy hair does best air dried, my Love is allergic to nail polish….so none of that in the house, and we don’t prescribe to all the hype of different soaps, conditioners, and colours.

Here are some little things that DO get priority at Sage Manor:


*books: if it cannot be found at the library or used book store.

*Soup Night: it is a must to have friends over and be able to serve simple, delicious soup with homemade bread.  Most of the time this is a very little cost, sometimes more if wine is involved!!  But it is always, always worth it.

*Socks: sounds silly.  But my Beloved has had many bouts of frost bite from the military and he must have certain socks that protect and comfort his feet in the winter.  Here is a favorite brand.

*Shoes: our feet are important.  Mine: well, I can still find discounted shoes at Targets that makes me very happy.  My Love: oh my.  A $144 dollar bill this Valentines day weekend for his shoes.  Because of his super wide feet, “normal” shoes are impossible, so this is a “normal” twice a year cost.  Feet are important my friends!!

*Fun: Meaning like this past weekend when we went rock climbing.  Major expenses for our wee family, but so very worth the memories for the kids and the friend they were able to bring along.  Certain “fun” things are worth the cost in our book.  Think: State parks instead of Disney land for our family. (not that Disney land is wrong, it’s just not us).  Certain memories have a cost investment involved, and we are willing to adjust and plan for those fun times!

All this to say is that what is frugal to some families is way off base for others!!  Don’t fall into a silly guilt trap by trying to emulate other families and how they deal with their finances.  We all need certain little things in life for comfort. 

 Enjoy your little things!!  I am sure they are scrumptious!!

Peace & Love!




  1. joanna said,

    February 20, 2009 at 4:17 pm

    I’m with you on every one of the “little things” to save money- it’s not much sacrifice, if any, to do these things, and they all more than pay off in the end!

  2. jessiedog said,

    February 20, 2009 at 6:52 pm

    A good point.

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