Hippie Radical

edit: My orginal post!  I found it!  I have no idea where it’s been?  But here it is!!

edit again:  If you start this series, Alan does say a few colourful words in the 1st class (2 words, a** and the *f* word once)…haven’t heard him say any others (we are on the 5th class).   Just a heads up to Mamas.


Ahhh….my roots run deep!!  I have this inner hippie running wild in me!!  I love being intellectually challenged, love to debate and dive into hard issues.  And being who I am, my kiddos are learning the fine art of being diplomatic.  In a respectable, politically correct sort of way.  Free thinkers.  Yes, indeed, that is what we have.  Although my religious views are solid, my kids have a ton of questions about so many different things.  Religion, Politics, Relationships, how to live and love and be in love with what they do in life.

Some of you know that a few years ago, my eldest daughter and I took off to a fabulous retreat at the Farm in Summertown, TN.  Wow!!  That experience has definately been one of my best.  Now my youngest (age 14) is offering to help drive when it’s her turn!!  I simply can’t wait to share that with her.  To meet the Midwives, put her hands in clay and create, eat food directly from the Earth, drum and dance and dream!!!  ahhh…….anyways all that to say that this Unschooling family has discovered through the Farm that Alan Graf has posted a ton of You Tube classes on his website.  This morning we listened to Class one of Radical Civics!!!  If you want to chat and open up your teens on a duldrum, dark, February day……..tune into Alan and start a lively debate with love!! 

We are taking a 20 minute break and then we will listen to the rest of the class.  Loving it!! 

Free thinking w/ kids!!



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