Simple Woman’s Daybook



It’s Monday!!  eeks!!  The time has flown today because we are on a schedule!  *gasp*  This is not normal I must say.  But I am noticing that we are all staying quite busy and getting alot done.  I have being humming gospel songs all day and it’s funny because I’ll go into the other room and here my son humming where I left off!!  God is good!!

For Today…

Outside my window… a plowed driveway!  Blessings to my dear neighbors that shoveled us out!!

I am thinking…about today’s sermon from Creflo Dollar.

From the learning rooms… Library visit, Japanese & German lessons, and questions!!  *which just invite more and more learning!

I am thankful for… That I serve a God that hears me, that comforts me, that points me in the right direction, that doesn’t just leave me.  He gives me grace and hope!

From the kitchen… Homemade peanut butter cookies made by my daughter for our neighbors and Pizza for tonight!

I am wearing… Xmas long skirt, tights, layers upon layers of shirts, socks & shoes (it’s still cold!!)

I am reading…  “Living Spaces” bringing Style and Spirit to your Home by Marlee Ledai.  Lovely book!  Highly recommended!!

I am hoping… for the warmth of Spring!!

I am creating… Valentine day crafts!

I am hearing… the little sweeper run by my daughter doing detail sweeping in the front room.

Around the house…the wind is blowing, the sun is shining, and I see grass!!  woohoo!!!

One of my favorite things… Having dinner ready by the time my Beloved comes home.  I just feel more in control when things are organized and cleaned up so we can enjoy his company!

A few plans for the rest of the week…out with a friend tomorrow, Wednesday off to see my Mama and a Bible study, Thursday: home sweet home, and Friday the kiddos have homeschool gym class!

Whew!  I hope everyone has a blessed week!!  Take some time to lay at His feet, it’s well worth it!!



*to see what other fabulous women are doing, join Peggy at The Simple Woman’s Daybook!!


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