The Making of Soap

The beginning of the this year went up with a *bang…..literally!! On electric blew. Actually I told my Love, “the breaker smells HOT, honey!!” Well, about 10 minutes later, it was a smoking!! So, the little, little $$ that I receive from the library ….. all of that was used for a new breaker box, fuses (or whatever!), and a fellow home-school Dad who is an Electrician to make an emergancy run. God is good though!! It was just enough money to do the job.

With the downsize of my Sweetie not working full weeks the last two weeks because of holiday, pay checks are so small. But that is okay. My skills as a frugal, hippie Mama have kicked in. We’ve run out of Tide for the HE washer, so I made some…..see Simple Dollar for a great tutorial…..making some homemade tortillas tonight for dinner with spiced chicken, cilantro & sour cream….and an apple pie for endings.

When times, especially financial, are looking dreary……it is so very important not to be negative and forget to seek the face of God on a daily, even hourly (highly suggested!) basis. Our thoughts effect (and even IN-fect) our Faith!! Be strong Sisters!!



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