Living in the Cold

Indiana is cold this time of year. News flash: I know. But really, as I dig through the book, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” I wonder if anyone/ Covey followers actually live & be happy in a place that is so bloody cold. So being “Proactive” (1st Habit) I am making a list exactly WHY we live here.

 Oh, and by the way, welcome to our journey. It’s an interesting lot, ever changing, loads of ideas, and if I ever get anyone that actually follows (beside my dear SIL) our life…you’ll soon realize that you’ll lose me during the summer to the sands of any beach nearby.

Living in the Cold reasons:
*reasonable living economy
*room for chickens and run away puppy
*Bonfires and Nerf gun fights are high on the list.
*No neighbors.
*No “little boxes on the hillside” communities.
*Sunning in the nude is optional (they really can’t see me!)
*Chanting, worshiping, drumming is an everyday occurance.
*Trees: 20 last Spring, 20 up and coming in 2009.

That’s it. Unless my Beloved gets on the horn and makes the first jump to a different J-O-B and a different, warmer location; I must buy MORE SOCKS.

Welcome to my world. Grab a mug of hot anything, and extra blankies….you’ll need it!