100 Things About ME..

As if you would want to know!! *smile*  It really is an empowering exercise, finding our worth!  So, good, bad and ugly; here we go.

1.  Married 22 years this year to my Sweetie!

2.  3 kiddos, one out of the nest….two still in!

3.  Addicted to Coffee.  Black.

4.  God is good!  I have His saving Grace, I am His child.

5.  I adore my dog, Tank!  I think he is wonderfully funny!

6.  I used to paint…need to do that again.

7.  I was born in 1969.

8.  I definately would have been a hippie at Woodstock…dancing and rolling in mud.

9.  About 4 more inches and I am going to dread my hair.

10.  I have a lovely nose ring, that not too many people expect!  I’ve had it for about 6 years now…before they were cool!

11.  I use google.com alot.

12.  I am really starting to reduce my things in my life, which is extremely freeing.

13.  I need 8 hours of sleep.  No exceptions.

14.  I love ice cream, but think that I am lactose intolerant.

15.  My middle daughter is very much like me!

16.  I am an activist.

17.  I raised money for YWCA and a Rape Crisis center, 2 years ago, one night, me the Director, 18 fab women, 4 hours, $8,000.00!!

18.  I am a Hospice volunteer.

19.  Death does not frighten me.

20.  I chat with trees.

21.  And birds.  Mostly tell them to hush because it’s entirely too early to be chatting yet.

22.  I Worship in my back yard.

23.  I love chocolate.  Pastrys & puffs & such.

24.  I am now addicted to tea also.  Such a list I have begun.

25.  I love all sorts of music.  Santana makes me dance. 

26.  My sweetie makes me laugh!

27.  I miss my brother & sister in law a ton.  More than they know.

28.  I love to walk.  When I am happy, when I am sad, angry, when I pray.

29.  I breastfed my babies, wore them, we are attachment style parents..and every once and a while they seek into the bed with us.

30.  Rock climbing is awesome.  Very, very empowering for me to climb and go higher each time.  I climb through the fear and it is good!

31.  I am not legalistic in my beliefs of God. 

32.  I do believe there are going to be many, many faiths in Heaven sitting with our Father.

33.  I love Yoga!!  And one day will teach.  My middle daughter is an excellent Yogi!

34.  Thai food.  Fabulous!

35.  I like discussing religion and how others believe.  I feel that I have been left out in many gatherings because others think I am one way. 

36.  Drumming is a passion of mine.  Hand drumms, Djembes especially.

37.  I love to have families over to drum and hang by the fire.  It is one of  our favorite things to do!

38.  We celebrate the Solstices and the changing of the Year. 

39.  I like a Shabby Chic look to the house, yet really don’t have alot of stuff.

40.  I do have Longaberger baskets, which I collected and bought when I had a J-O-B.

41.  I do have an Associates degree in Travel & Tourism.  And began my BA in Women’s studies, and have yet to finish.

42.  I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up!!

43.  I did massage for 2 years, studied under a hippie Midwife, and made a ton of money that helped put my Sweetie through his Bachelor’s degree.

44.  I do not vaccinate.

45.  We are Unschoolers.

46.  I am currently drinking loads of water and apple cider vinegar (Bragg’s) to flush me out for the Spring!

47.  I think most of the churches in my area bend on being hypocritical.  Which is a sad thing.  But who am I to judge?

48.  Our home is named Sage Manor.  Yes, we name our homes.  It is our sanctuary from the world.

49.  I don’t believe in the TV.  Yes, we have one.  I threaten all the time to accidental drop it, but it’s still here.  Used occasionally.

50.  I have a few children’s books that I would like to publish.

51.  We own guns.  And I shoot well.  Actually really well.

52.  We do not hunt though.  Never killed a thing, except a target!!

53.  We like soup & homemade bread!!

54.  I love to read, and find I am entranced by several books at a time.

55.  I would love to learn the guitar this year.  Please someone toughen my fingers for me!

56.  I make my own oils for massage therapy.

57.  I love skirts.  I am a girly-girl!

58.  And wide legged pants….that’s the hippie inside.

59.  Have been to the Farm, love it, and plan on going back.

60.  My husband taught me about the Constellations.  The stars are incredible here in the country!!  Who knew??

61.  I would be a Vegan if it wasn’t for my husband.  He is the meat eater.

62.  I plant tomatoes in the summer.  Loads of them, and then wonder why on earth I did it.  Every year!!

63.  I love to have people over.  Very social.  Now my daughter is!!

64.  You will be fed if you come over.  I feed!!  My Mama is Jewish.  We feed people!!

65.  I scramble around and make sure the house is picked up when my Sweetie comes home from work.

66.  I would like to make a straw-bale home one day.

67.  I made cherry jam (with my husband’s help) last Fall, it was fabulous.  I honestly don’t know how we did it!!

68.  My son has a motor-cross bike, my husband a motorcycle.  I worry in the summers.

69.  I love sweet tea.

70.  My belly button was pierced once.  Now that one hurt!….and got infected!!  ouch.

71.  I wonder about God, about religion, and why we all can’t get along.  I wonder what stops people and keeps them in their boxes.  I often write about that.

72.  I am Spiritual.

73.  I love Alanis Morrisette’s music, her passion, her way of expressing.

74.  I smell like Patchouli.

75.  Our home smells like Nag Champa.

76.  I believe in the power of prayer.

77.  I desperately want to wear my flip flops, but it’s still too cold!!

78.  I have a notebook next to the computer that I write recipes down in.  It’s my own, custom made cook book!!

79.  I love to go to the beach!! I have a girlfriend that is just as spontaneous as me, and she calls and says, Whatcha doing?  And we throw some fruit in the car, grab towels and GO!!  Love it.

80.  I don’t wear nail polish, haven’t in years. 

81.  I rarely wear make-up.

82.  oh, here’s a different one.  I don’t shave under my arms….as many American women do.  It irritates the *ell out of my skin and is bad for the lymph nodes.  I giggle at my son…….I tell him to deal with it, that this is what women look like!!  We have hair too!!

83.  I like to go on dates with my husband.  Weekly.  It’s a must!

84.  I want a compost pile this year.  And chickens.  That will really reduce our carbon footprint.

85.  I like to live simply.  Love company and people……but not stuff.  You have to dust stuff.

86.  My biggest dream is to wrap my arms around a Sequoia tree in California.

87.  Would love to take Feminist classes at Berkley college in CA.

88.  My feet feel the best when they are in my Earth shoes.

89.  We married in Svendburg, Denmark. 

90.  I grow herbs, and love to see the humming-birds come and feast.

91.  I expect good things.

92.  I’ve never broken a bone in my body.

93.  I like good, red wine.  And good imported, thick beer.

94.  Love Harry Potter and the creative spirit of the story.

95.  I have bells around my doorknobs that the cats smack when they want outside!

96.  I am the financial manager of the household, and keep us on track.

97.  I study the Torah.

98.  I adore my Mama and will be crushed when she leaves this earth.  It will truly be a sad day.

99.  I love fruit and could exists solely on it.

100.  Laughter comes easily; Hate must be taught.


1 Comment

  1. Christy said,

    March 11, 2009 at 3:02 am

    Ahhhh, so very interesting!!! Now we know the story of Kelly!!!! Well, probably only some of it!!!! Shaloam!!! christy

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